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The network can create public or private community spaces. The communities can share in and contribute to the network resources. 



EEE Teacher's Community

A collaborate space for High School teachers who are teaching the Dual Enrollment Philosophy 101 course through the University of Arizona. 


A community website for K12 teachers.

Philosophy Politics & Economics Society

The PPE society’s mission is: to encourage the interaction and cross-fertilization of three intellectual disciplines that are, in their history, deeply intertwined and that now, and going forward, have much to offer one another.

Philosophy Politics & Economics Network

The site is a network of academic organizations composed of faculty, administrators and support staff. By keeping their own profiles and events up to date, they create a peer vetted public research library (books and papers), peer vetted public teaching library, and event maps illustrating their geographic reach. Each teaching role in the network can upload private resources to use in combination with the network's publicly supported research and teaching materials to create their own multi-media textbooks. Those textbooks support the full range of assessment and reporting capabilities.