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Ethics, Economy, and Entrepreneurship

In this book, Cathleen Johnson, Robert Lusch, and David Schmidtz discuss the connections between the ethical, economic, and entrepreneurial dimensions of a life well-lived.

The ethical question is: how do people have to live in order to...

Author: Cathleen Johnson, Robert Lusch, David Schmidtz
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The Course of Human Events

American Government for the 21st Century

This is a standard American Government textbook, suitable for university freshman and sophomores. It avoids, however, the bland superficial character typical of many introductory texts with its...

Author: Henry T Edmondson III
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The goal of this class is to explore moral issues that arise in the context of medicine.  These include whether abortion or euthanasia are justifiable, and whether we should manipulate our genes to improve ourselves and our children.  

Author: Jonathan Anomaly
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Capstone in PPE

This course serves as the “capstone” experience for the PPE Program, and is open only to those who are completing the PPE or expect to do so. 

  • This is the senior "capstone" class for PPE.  Only students who are filing to complete the...
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Economic Analyses in Philosophy and Politics

This course introduces students to the ways in which economic analysis has been applied to issues in social philosophy and the study of politics; it analyzes the ways in which tools from economics have been applied to the problems of social and...

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Ethics, Economics and Environmental Protection

This module aims to equip students with the capacity to think critically about ethical and economic approaches to environmental protection issues and the relationship between the two. It will examine human rights, eco-centric, utilitarian and...

Author: Mark Pennington
Related Text: Environmental Ethics
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Experimental & Behavioral Economics

Given the growth of interest in behavioral considerations, experiments are increasingly used to test theories of behavior, gather stylized facts and design public policy.  Experimental Economics may be the fastest growing field in economics today...

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International Trade and Policy

This course is designed to guide students toward a deep, fundamental understanding of International Trade. Students will learn to employ tools that will help them to both understand issues in International Trade from the news and history, as well...

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Introduction to Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

This interdisciplinary course provides an overview of some core conceptual tools used to analyze issues at the intersection of philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE). It also serves as the Gateway course for the PPE certificate program at Duke...

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Theory & Practice

What is the difference between a good theory and a bad one?  What makes theorizing worthwhile?  What sort of truth is there for moral theories to track?  What can a theory track well?  Is there “terrain” that is there no point in even trying to...

Author: David Schmidtz
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