Crossing a Mesh Theory with a Reasons-Responsive Theory: Unholy Spawn of an Impending Apocalypse or Love Child of a New Dawn

In this paper we explore the prospects of crossing a mesh theory of freedom with a reasons-responsive theory. While neither of us is yet prepared to commit to a hybrid view, we find it highly suggestive insofar as each theory might profit from drawing upon the other. In particular, a mesh theory may help to fill an apparent gap in the resources provided by a reasons-responsive theory. At the same time, a reasons-responsive theory may also help to identify more elegantly than a mesh theory alone can the proper extension of free acts. Because the central points we wish to make here apply at a fairly permissive level of generality, we will not develop in much detail either the mesh or the reasons-responsive elements of the hybrid theory to come. A rough characterization of each will serve present purposes. 

Chad van Schoelandt
Publisher: Springer
Published in: Agency, Freedom, and Moral Responsbility
2015 Pages 44-64