01 Issues on My Mind by George P. Shultz (Hoover Institution Press Book Trailer)

2013-07-30 16:55:31
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Former Nixon and Reagan cabinet member George Shultz offers his views on how to govern more effectively, get our economy back on track, take advantage of new opportunities in the energy field, combat the use of addictive drugs, apply a strategic overview to diplomacy, and identify necessary steps to achieve a world without nuclear weapons. If we can successfully handle each of these issues, Shultz explains, we in the United States and people in the rest of the world will have the prospect of a better future.
In Part 1 of an 8 part series, Secretary Shultz reflects on being continually inspired to look forward, particularly because of his eleven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. He asks, 'What kind of country -- what kind of a world -- will these young people inhabit? Are there lessons to be culled from my past experiences that are relevant to their future?' It is these questions and an active life spent in association with many stimulating people in government, business and universities that spurred the creation and publication of this book.
For more information visit http://www.hooverpress.org/productdetails.cfm?PC=1593.

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