Capstone in PPE


This course serves as the “capstone” experience for the PPE Program, and is open only to those who are completing the PPE or expect to do so. 

  • This is the senior "capstone" class for PPE.  Only students who are filing to complete the Certificate are eligible to enroll. The class will meet for the first half of the semester at Duke, and at UNC-Chapel Hill for the second half of the semester.  
  • The capstone seminar is a chance to take some of the core concepts you’ve learned in previous PPE courses and apply them to specific topics. It is also an opportunity for you to write a concise research paper on a PPE-related topic of your choice. In the first part of the semester, we’ll discuss the readings below. In the second part, you will present work in progress and get feedback from your peers. Each student will be assigned a time slot to present a chunk of their research paper, or talk about a book chapter or article that is central to their paper.
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