The Course of Human Events


American Government for the 21st Century

This is a standard American Government textbook, suitable for university freshman and sophomores. It avoids, however, the bland superficial character typical of many introductory texts with its dimensions of cinema and web-based media, political satire, comparative government & global politics, American Founding Thought, and meaningful current events analysis. Examples of innovative techniques employed in this online dynamic text include:

  • Links to political cinema trailers, film analysis and recommendations with hyperlinks to film rental sites.
  • Dynamic sections throughout the text such as “Geopolitical Hotspots” and "The Latest Humanitarian Crisis.” In the case of the latter, links are provided where students might consider donations or volunteerism.
  • Meaningful, interdisciplinary – and imaginative – discussions of standard American Government topics such as the Constitution, the Declaration and the Separation of Powers.
  • Several chapters not found in other textbooks, including “Music & Politics,” “Political Satire” and “The Politics of Oil.”
  • Edited versions of several Federalist Papers with thorough introductions for instructors
    • not just cursory (and occasionally uninformed) introductions to Essays #10 and Essays #51.
    • accessible and thought-provoking inclusion of, for example, #1, #23, #67, #78 and #85,
    • coupled with meaningful class discussion prompts, such as, "Essay #23: Just How Powerful Should The Government Be?” and “Essay #84: Was The Bill of Rights A Good Idea?”

Henry T. Edmondson III, Ph.D. is an award-winning veteran teacher Henry T. Edmondson III holds the Carl Vinson Chair for Political Science & Public Administration at Georgia College, the state’s Public Liberal Arts University, where he has taught for 26 years.

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