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Has Government Any Role in Money?

In recent years there has been a burst of scholarly interest in various aspects of monetary reform-not the conduct of current monetary pol- icy, which has for decades been the object of active scholarly work, but the institutional structure of the monetary system. This interest has centered on three separate but related topics: (1) competition versus government monopoly in the creation of or control over outside or high-powered money, (2) so-called free banking, and (3) the determi- nation of the unit of account and its relation to media of exchange.


Elinor Ostrom’s life and work

by Vlad Tarko

Chapter 2 in The Future of the Commons: Beyond Market Failure and Government Regulation (2012)

The life of Elinor Ostrom p. 48

Elinor Ostrom’s intellectual contributions p.49

Understanding public goods and common-pool resources p. 57

Polycentricity p. 60

Fisheries: an application of Ostrom’s work p. 61