James Caton

James Caton is a graduate lecturer  and candidate for a Ph.D. in economics at George Mason University. He has received  the F. A. Hayek Fellowship from Mercatus, the I.H.S. Humane Studies Fellowship, and the I.H.S. Summer Research Fellowship. James holds an M.A. in Economics from San Jose State University where he was a participant in the Student Faculty Partnership and received the Award for Excellence in Economics.  He co-edited the Macroeconomics 2 volume set which is a collection of essays and primary sources that represent the core of macroeconomic thought. He has published articles in the Review of Austrian Economics and Advances in Austrian Economics and published book reviews for EH.net, The Journal of Markets and Morality and History: Review of New Books.

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Books Authored by James Caton

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Multimedia Textbooks by James Caton

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