Jonathan Anomaly
Lecturer and PPE Program Coordinator

I work mostly on issues at the intersection of ethics and economics, including how we should respond to the under-consumption of vaccines and the over-consumption of antibiotics, and whether the market for biomedical enhancements should be regulated in any way. I am a core faculty member in the Philosophy, Politics, & Economics program at UNC and Duke.


Books Authored by Jonathan Anomaly

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Research Papers by Jonathan Anomaly

Title Publication Year Publishedsort ascending
Ethics, Antibiotics, and Public Policy Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy 2017
Public goods and government action Politics, Philosophy and Economics 2015
What’s Wrong With Factory Farming? Public Health Ethics 2015
Genes, Race, and the Ethics of Belief Hastings Center Report 2014
Race, Genes, and the Ethics of Belief: A review of Nicholas Wade, A Troublesome Inheritance Hastings Center Report 2014
What is an Epidemic? Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 2014
Public Goods and Procreation Monash Bioethics Review 2014
Social Norms, The Invisible Hand, and the Law University of Queensland Law Journal 2013
Better Humans?: Understanding the Enhancement Project Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2013
On What Matters Journal of Moral Philosophy 2013
Collective Action and Individual Choice Journal of Medical Ethics 2013
The Manipulation of Choice: Ethics and Libertarian Paternalism The Independent Review 2013
Beyond Humanity? The Ethics of Biomedical Enhancement Bioethics 2012
Is Obesity a Public Health Problem? Public Health Ethics. 2012
Public Health and Public Goods Public Health Ethics 2011
Neo-vouchers: The Emergence of Tuition Tax Credits for Private Schooling Educational Review 2011
Combating Resistance: The Case for a Global Antibiotics Treaty Public Health Ethics 2010
Rising Plague: The Global Threat from Antibiotics-Resistant Bacteria American Journal of Bioethics 2010
Internal Reasons and the Ought-Implies-Can Principle Philosophical Forum 2008
Personal Identity and Practical Reason Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review 2008

Videos by Jonathan Anomaly


Matt Ridley - When Ideas Have Sex

In this video Matt Ridley synthesizes insights from Smith, Darwin, Ricardo, and Hayek to show how specialization and exchange produces exponential gains.