Mario Villarreal
Director, Ethics, Economy and Entrepreneurship

Mario received his PhD in Economics and Political Science from Claremont Graduate University in 2005.  He was a Profesor Asociado in the School of Public Policy at Monterrey Tech and still holds a position there as Líder Académico.   

Videos by Mario Villarreal


What Motivates Us?

Prof. Mario Villarreal-Diaz claims that incentives matter, especially in a world of scarcity. Market prices, for instance, are a very powerful incentive. When the price of a good rises, consumers...

Thinking at the Margin

Why are diamonds more expensive than water? Prof. Mario Villarreal-Diaz answers this question using what economists call marginal analysis. Essentially, the marginal utility of water decreases faster...

Opportunity Cost

Prof. Mario Villarreal-Diaz explains the scarcity inherent in the world, and how this necessarily implies a world of tradeoffs. In such a world, the pursuit of a choice requires forgoing all other...