Michael Munger

Professor Munger received his Ph.D. in Economics at Washington University in St. Louis in 1984. Following his graduate training, he worked as a staff economist at the Federal Trade Commission. His first teaching job was in the Economics Department at Dartmouth College, followed by appointments in the Political Science Department at the University of Texas at Austin (1986-1990) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1990-1997). At UNC he directed the MPA Program, which trains public service professionals, especially city and county management.

He moved to Duke in 1997, and was Chair of the Political Science Department from 2000 through 2010. He has won three University-wide teaching awards (the Howard Johnson Award, an NAACP "Image" Award for teaching about race, and admission to the Bass Society of Teaching Fellows). He is currently director of the interdisciplinary PPE Program at Duke University.

His research interests include the study of the morality of exchange and the working of legislative institutions in producing policy. Much of his recent work has been in philosophy, examining the concept of truly voluntary exchange, a concept for which he coined the term "euvoluntary." He has created a new blog devoted to investigating examples of, and controversies about, euvoluntary exchange. His primary blog, Kids Prefer Cheese, is an irreverent look at policy, politics, and the foibles of pundits everywhere.

Books Authored by Michael Munger

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The only book on the market to include classical and contemporary readings from key authors in Philosophy, Politics, and... Read more
This book is an introduction to the logic and analytics of group choice. To understand how political institutions work, it... Read more
This is an advanced level textbook for third year students studying courses in public policy and public administration. It... Read more
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Analytical Politics is an introduction to analytical theories of politics, explicitly designed both for the interested... Read more
There is no unified theory that can explain both voter choice and where choices come from. Hinich and Munger fill that gap... Read more

Books Edited by Michael Munger

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What will the economy look like in fifty years? How will our lives as consumers and workers be transformed by the coming... more

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Empirical Studies in Comparative Politics presents a collection of papers analyzing the political systems of ten... more


Book Reviews by Michael Munger

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Multimedia Textbooks by Michael Munger

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This course serves as the “capstone” experience for the PPE Program, and is open only to those who are completing the PPE or expect to do so. 

  • This is the senior "capstone" class for PPE.  Only students who are filing to complete the Certificate are eligible to enroll. The class...

Research Papers by Michael Munger

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Kaldor-Hicks Coercion, Coasian Bargaining, and the State 2010
Unintended Consequences 1, Good Intentions 0 Library of Economics and Liberty 2006
Everybody Loves Mikey Library of Economics and Liberty 2005
Democracy is a Means, Not an End Library of Economics and Liberty 2005
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Presentations by Michael Munger

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Public Choice As Political Philosophy October 6, 2016 - 4:00pm Fairfax United States

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