Steven Wall
Professor, Philosophy

Steve Wall is a philosopher at the University of Arizona, where he is also a member of the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom and a member of the Politics, Philosophy, Economics and Law Program.  He joined the Arizona department in 2010.  Prior to coming to Arizona, Steve taught at the University of Connecticut, Bowling Green State University and Kansas State University.  He received my B.A. from Duke University, his M.A. from Columbia University and his D. Phil. from Oxford University.  Steve specializes in political philosophy.

Curriculum Vitae

Books Authored by Steven Wall

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The political philosophy of liberalism was first formulated during the Enlightenment in response to the growth of the modern... Read more
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What are our reasons for acting? Morality purports to give us these reasons, and so do norms of prudence and the laws of... Read more
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Over the past twenty years, the debate between neutrality and perfectionism has been at the center of political philosophy.... Read more
Liberalism is the dominant political philosophy of our times. The main purpose of this book is to defend a "... Read more

Books Edited by Steven Wall

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This is the inaugural volume of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy. Since its revival in the 1970s political... more

Research Papers by Steven Wall

Title Publication Year Publishedsort ascending
Perfectionism, Reasonableness, and Respect Political Theory 2014
Enforcing Morality Criminal Law and Philosophy 2013
Self-Government, Market Democracy, and Economic Liberty Social Theory and Practice 2013
Political Morality and Constitutional Settlements Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 2013
Rescuing Justice from Equality Social Philosophy and Policy 2012
Backing Away From Equality Criminal Justice Ethics 2012
Public Reason and Moral Authoritarianism The Philosophical Quarterly 2012
Neutralism for Perfectionists: The Case of Restricted State Neutrality Ethics 2010
Democracy and Equality Philosophical Quarterly 2007